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The expression “Business Intelligence” (or commonly BI) was coined by the German scientist Hans Peter Luhn who, during his career in IBM, isolated business processes necessary to identifying and analyzing strategic information and data vital to reaching competitive levels of efficiency

Business Intelligence indeed includes the processes, the necessary technology for creating them, and the usage principles of the information obtained. Through analysis models, Business Intelligence transforms raw company data into significant, useful information for favoring business strategies that create a competitive advantage.

While many types of data are present (administrative, sales, production, R&D, etc.), the current computerized systems were unable to present them in an organized way. Business Intelligence’s function is to group and rationalize them in order to put them at the Management’s service.

Our contribution to Business Intelligence is concentrated on the data collection component, the engineering of the analysis model and their presentation. 

For the entire duration of the project, we provide the Client with:

  • a Project Manager
  • a devoted technical team
  • continuous support

We create customized dashboard reports with the aim of giving thorough data visualization.

We work closely with the Client to create a solution which can become a “strategic monitor” in company decisions.

Our experience allows us not only to make data from varying sources and formats interact, but also to create specific profiles for every single company function.


We have created

economic-administrative monitors for the evaluation of hospital resources.

Below we share a project that we consider as representative of our work for the results obtained.

For the Udine  University  Hospital- thanks to an innovative solution we resolved the criticality that slowed down the administrative processes in charge of economic-financial management.

Our assistance was requested in identifying uses and costs related to hospital resources and infrastructure for Private Practice appointments.

We therefore created a specific Business Intelligence solution which allowed us to structure the parameters, quantify and record pertinent costs and revenues. All the instrumental and economic data from every single healthcare visit were merged in a system devoted to analysis and consolidation of information.

The Administration was equipped with Web Consols from which it is possible to pull real-time information necessary for making organizational evaluations and doing book-keeping.

Multiple advantages were obtained:

  • elimination of human error in calculations 
  • automatic and punctual control system
  • immediate checks on anomalies signalled by the system
  • rapid evaluation of infrastructure use
  • precise indications on the workload of every single medical professional
  • punctual division of the economic items for every healthcare visit
  • simplification of the administrative operations
  • availability of detailed reports in support of the Management and/or individual specialist

In order to simplify  use of the system and facilitate integration with new functional modules, cloud computing was chosen for our data center.


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