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Every Company has data on the basis of which it manages all the functions of its business.

An inadequate or incorrectly dimensioned Data Warehouse produces inevitable percentages of error in the data it contains. Their interaction with the whole company system puts efficiency levels at risk.

The most likely consequences are the reduction of company credibility in relationships with Clients, Partners and Institutions, leading to subsequent increases in costs and losses in total sales.

Data Quality is a combination of IT actions that allows for detection of errors, determination and enactment of restoration interventions in order to make the database coherent.

Data Quality guarantees maintenance of high standards of efficiency

We have been resolving Data Quality problems for many years.

Since 2006 we have been renewing and enriching the Databases of our Partners.

For the entire duration of the project, we provide the Client with:

  • a Project Manager
  • a technical team devoted to analysis and development
  • continuous support

Our Data Quality interventions aim at insuring the quality of the data collected thus supporting the Client in the aim to restore the Data Warehouse so that it is in conformity with expectations.

Our strong points in data restoration are:

  • ability to synthesize and apply the rules of intervention
  • software for internal use specially created for complying with Client’s rules
  • work team constantly updated
  • integration of data even from heterogeneous sources
  • analysis of the variations ascertained with subsequent redefinition of objectives

With our inverventions we have contributed to attainment of important compliance results in the financial area.

We have created solutions for the Restoration of databases for:

Bank Institutions (loans – registration notes – real estate appraisals), Multi-utility Companies (contracts – user files).

Below we share some solutions that we consider as representative of our work over the years for the results obtained

For Banca Popolare di Milano, primary Credit Institute, we enacted a Data Quality program aimed at restoration of data regarding mortgage financing. The need for such an intervention surfaced following the recent regulations dictated by the Bank of Italy and the Basel II International banking accords as part of precautionary surveillance measures. Both bodies require Credit Institutes to accurately monitor the credit solidity situation so as to prevent new bank defaults in times of heavy financial criticality. The entire process is certified by auditing companies accredited by the Bank of Italy.

Our intervention concentrated on the formulation of a single, revised database which could be validated by the auditing companies.

The point of departure consisted of a Data Warehouse made up of all the data regarding financing subject to controls. The initial criticality derived from the wealth of data from varying IT systems without homogeneous standards, making for an incomplete database in need of updating.

Primary analyses made clear the need for operating precisely on the restoration of subsets of homogeneous data within which abnormalities were discovered every so often. In accordance with BPM, the irregularities were corrected with specific intervention policies.

We determined two sources of data from which to obtain additional information. The first consisted of cadastral-type questionnaires done directly on institutional portals; the second of paper files in the Bank’s possession. To access the sources, in the first case we activated dedicated connections, while in the second we developed a process of file digitalization. In this manner, our workers devoted to Database restoration recovered all the information necessary to certification directly from the electronic document archives.

The human resources played a fundamental part in the intervention strategy. Indeed, we activated a selection process and training program devoted to mortgage financing practices which proved successful in terms of restoration performance and quality of interventions.

In a short time we were able to give a reliable and certifiable data warehouse back to BPM, a fundamental factor in providing clear replies to the Bank of Italy in light of the renewed stability reports required.


La nostra esperienza nell'ambito dei servizi di Data Quality si è arricchita grazie ad altri importanti progetti, in particolare quelli realizzati per UBI Banca e BPER (Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna).


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