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Business Process Outsourcing


Business Process Outsourcing, or more commonly BPO, refers to that combination of non-core processes which, charged to external expert Partners, allow the Company to obtain a substantial advantage in terms of cost-savings.

In these processes, the Company maintains control of the delegated function but has the opportunity of focusing greater attention on its core business, thus maximizing its standards of quality. 

Since 2002 we have been managing complex Business Process Outsourcing projects.

For the entire duration of the project, we provide the client with:

  • a Project Manager
  • a dedicated technical team
  • a team of specially selected and trained workers
  • tools for organizational and logistics management
  • monitoring and feedback systems
  • continuous support

In our management approach it is fundamental to assign a correct definition of workflow to a BPO project.

The foreseen methodology, starting from the definition of the job order, includes:

  • the identification of the temporal sequence of the process and the decisional logic
  • the rationalization of activities inside our structure, respecting the mission dictated by the Client
  • in the development of the work cycle, the reworking of the flows optimizing the tasks. In particular, the correct definition of workers’ roles and actions
  • the creation of instruments devoted to the constant monitoring of the process, allowing strategic control by the Client.

We take care of functional and operational management guaranteeing flexibility, focus on service and quality.


We have managed

projects for Sicav (open-ended collective investment scheme), Insurance companies, Credit Institutes

Below we share some business solutions that we consider as representative of our work over the years for the results obtained.

For Vodafone Italy, we managed the enormous quantity of administrative-type return mail, consisting of advice of delivery or undelivered mail.

From the logistics point of view, we drastically reduced recovery times thanks to the efficient strategy that optimizes mailbox management.

From the operational point of view, we created a workflow able to classify the different document case records, assigning a relative priority to each one.

An optical archive was activated as part of the project. It contains images of the documents which can be easily consulted by Customer Care in dealing with cases. The process included the tracking of all the manufacturing phases from arrival to storage and the material was then returned complete with a Database containing the logistics information of every single document. 

Our assistance proved essential in optimizing and speeding up management activities, contributing to raising qualitative standards of Vodafone Italy’s Customer Care.


For  Antonveneta Bank (now MPS group), we managed the Italian and foreign Sicav (open-ended collective investment schemes).

The critical point was that restricted times were dictated by the internal procedures for receiving documentation connected to the operations on the Funds. Indeed, in the case of a delay, the operations would have been at risk of annulment.

Our intervention thus concentrated on:

  • optimization of control procedures
  • management of document flows and logistics flows 
  • notification of abnormalities
  • creation and processing of detailed reports for every document

Once the paperwork was received directly from the various branches of the Bank, each document was checked. In the case of abnormalities, the file was returned to the respective branch to be revised. If validated, it was digitalized and then the initial paperwork of the operation was transmitted to the Bank and the Sicav. At the end of the process, all the documents were sorted at the respective offices for archiving of the original.


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