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Data entry is the process of entering information in a database originating from paper format or other sources as images and multimedia.

The aim of data entry is the management and protection of information from non-electronic formats.

First of all, for our experience: since 1983 we have been present in the Data Entry services field.

Throughout the whole process, we provide the client with:

  • a project manager
  • a technical development team
  • mother-tongue workers 
  • support for the entire duration of the job

Data Entry activity is done on the basis of an initial analysis through which our experts determine the necessary control logic for guaranteeing correctness of data.

This analysis produces a working outline that is made into a dedicated software allowing high standards of quality to be obtained.

We can raise the accuracy level to complete absence of errors (error free).
Work is carried out periodically, every once in a while, or according to a calendar agreed upon with the client.
Our IT unit manages the state of advancement of work, the presentation of a report on proceedings and notification of any defects.


We have created solutions for the management of:

Registries, marketing sheets, invoices, delivery notes, cadastral declarations, contracts, gratuitous lease declarations, curriculum vitae, point collection cards, fidelity cards, recorded delivery letter with advice of delivery, undelivered mail, orders, files, spreadsheets, archives, lists, F23, F24 online tax payment forms, cash orders, checks.

Banking, fiscal, public administration, private administration, production and technical  documents.

Below we share some business solutions that we consider as representative of our work over the years for the results obtained.

We have managed the monitoring of the flow of recorded delivery letters sent to clients for various Companies and Credit Institutions (CartaSì, Ifis Bank, Crif and others). A Data Entry solution was created that allowed traceability of documents, delivery date and undelivered mail motives. We made it possible for the offices in charge to undertake necessary actions for credit recovery within the timeframe of the Law.


In collaboration with Infracom Italia and Project Automation we carried out the daily loading of ZTL (controlled traffic zone) access. Our team interacted with the images transmitted by the recording devices at the barriers and returned a flow of data/images accompanied by distinguishing information (license plate number, type of vehicle, special means of transport).  Our project allowed for the rapid clearing of all formalities regarding controls, normally carried out manually.


For  Antonveneta Bank (now MPS group) we carried out the registration of the F23/F24 (online tax payment form) models for all the branches in the central-northern area of Italy. This included the criticality of the peak periods of monthly tax payment due dates. We were able to manage volumes reaching up to even 45,000 documents per day.


Previnet, a company specialized in the management of Pension funds, charged us with the processing of contracts regarding transfer of national insurance positions managed by them. More specifically, issues deriving from the treatment of forms of varying nature and from various Funds were dealt with and resolved. Thanks to our experience, we managed the heterogeneity of the models by inserting control fields for verifying inconsistencies in personal and accounting data. In a short time, we were able to align all the requested information.


For the Multiutilities (Edison, SEAB, NET, Veneta Vendite) we managed under tight regulatory deadlines the loading of cadastral data communicated by users and created the consequent flow in conformity with ministerial regulations.


We worked with various Communication and marketing agencies in the treatment of paper materials used for promotional purposes, award programs, fidelity cards, point collection cards, customer satisfaction forms, etc. 

All the data were gathered, entered and made available to the Client.

We contributed to campaigns by Melinda, Loacker, Honda and others.


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