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The Back Office services include all the support work for the functioning of the company.
These services are interdependent, or better yet, they are within the Company system yet maintain operative autonomy.

The Back Office is made up of all the activities that the Client/User does not see, but that make possible the services provided to him.

The Back Office can be complementary to the Front Office with the objective of making the window more efficient and smoothly-running.

We insure a proper planning of Back Office work in such a way as to respect all deadlines. We make sure that our staff works well as a team and knows all the project phases in detail, in order to make workflows efficient

For the entire duration of the job, we provide the Client with.

  • a Project Manager
  • a Team Leader
  • a team of workers


Key features of our contribution:

  • preliminary analysis of the company structure in which service is to be activated
  • adoption and precise observance of the services protocol
  • preliminary analysis of the information in question
  • evaluation of particulars regarding document flows
  • autonomous management
  • selection of adept personnel for role 
  • appropriate coverage of peak working times
  • respect for users’ privacy according to prerogatives of the Law


We have done projects for the management of:

Credit recovery, request for courier services, recording of letters received/sent, data entry and report preparation, document transcription, telephone contact center, daily planner management, payment reminders, checks on adequacy of transmitted data.

Below we share some Back Office services that we consider as representative of our work over the years for the results obtained.


For the Padua General Hospital we managed the administrative activity for numerous ward secretariats as well as the cashier service for both public and private doctor appointments. The services performed regarded transcription and putting in envelopes of the medical reports, the balancing of the cashier’s desks, checking of appointments made against doctor services performed, credit recovery, etc.


For the Pordenone General Hospital, at the San Vito al Tagliamento facility, the prevalent Back Office work was made up of entry of data from medical treatment authorization forms coming from the inidividual wards with the objective of updating the company IT system with the doctor services provided. 


For the ULSS 6 (Local health service) of Vicenza we performed several Back Office functions from the most simple, such as transcription of medical reports, to the most complex, as the entry of clinical data from research studies done in the Regional Centers.


For Edison, a multi-utility company supplying electricity and natural gas, we managed the reorganization of the historical archive of the user records.  Our contribution stood out for the filing methodology conceived according to the complex storage logic defined by the Client.


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