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Optical archiving

Optical archiving or digital archiving allows for information from hard copy sources, printing spools or structured data sources to be transformed into an electronic document.






Optical archiving is:

  • the primary operation for making a document secure over time, safeguarding it from ruin or becoming lost 
  • the ideal method for allowing for easy, simultaneous, secure consultation by different users and from different devices
  • the tool for optimizing management times and costs making document management an efficiency accelerator
  • the process which makes implementation of Electronic Storage possible.

First of all, for our experience: since 1990 we have been present in the optical archiving services field.

For the entire duration of the project, we provide the client with:

  • a project manager
  • a technical development team
  • continuous support


Our digital archiving process is made up of the following phases:


Digitalization and conversion

In projects where the original data is in electronic format, digitalization is done through conversion software created ad hoc by our development staff, generating legible and printable documents. Instead, image generation is done through optical scanning.

Our scanner unit is equipped with modern, high-speed production scanners, that elaborate hundreds of pages per minute and are equipped with ultrasound control to guarantee optimal digitalization of all documents.



Our workers have specially designed instruments available to them for performing this crucial phase. The Project Manager oversees the entire activity thanks to a monitoring system with real time feedback.



The result of the digital archiving process is a set of images that are incorporated in standard files made available for digital consulting.

Customization of the process is done in this phase. Ad hoc integration with the Client’s IT system occurs, allowing for the transfer of the files in company web repositories, in electronic document management systems (EDMS) and in Electronic storage.


We have created solutions for the management of:

Documents for: loans, privacy protection, specimens, contracts, F23 and F24 online tax payment forms, invoices, delivery notes, credit notes, orders, load sheets/plans, payment slips, coupons, recorded delivery letters, production and techniques, curriculum vitae, Tarsu and Tares waste tax forms, ICI and IMU property tax forms.

Below we share some business solutions that we consider as representative of our work over the years for the results obtained.

For F.A.R., a company with a long history of frame and furnishings production in the Veneto region, we implemented an Optical Archiving service for the digitalization and indexation of orders and technical data sheets for production.

During the various manufacturing phases, workers wrote notes directly on the production sheets. This information proved essential both for maintaining the high level of quality and for use in managing post-sales service and internal audits.

Following our intervention, the technical and administrative staff of F.A.R. was able to quickly consult the entire order file directly from their own desk by accessing the document software system. This possibility proved particularly efficacious in the resolution of disputes.


Multiple advantages were gained:

  • reduction of time in managing and resolving disputes 
  • rationalization of company audits for qualitative purposes 
  • immediate availability of a wealth of information dating back to start of company 
  • increase in Customer Satisfaction 
  • reduction in internal operating costs



With Sit La Precisa, world leader in the production of components for the heating sector, we did an Optical Archiving project for the digitalization of the wealth of company information on product technical files.

All the material, including reports, technical data sheets, and photographs, was captured with an industrial scanner and indexed for research.

The recovered information was integrated with additional information coming from company CRM and merged into a new Database acting as a technical archive. 

Finally a software for rapid consultation of files was made available.

È stato quindi messo a disposizione un software per la rapida consultazione delle pratiche.

The benefits introduced were:

  • securing of technical information
  • easy recovery of historical data and case histories
  • sharing of information within work groups subdivided among the various international headquarters.   
  • elimination of paper files



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