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Multichannel communication

Comunicazione Multicanale

Multi-channel communication is an integrated system of means with the objective of increasing communication efficacy.

Multi-channeling is a strategy relating several levels that allows:

  • interaction between Firm and Client and Firm and Partner
  • the integration between the various channels for a broadened connection


In more specific terms, it regards the ability to manage information and/or data, coming from different communication channels and sent by various senders and receivers.

The experience we’ve gained over time allows us to provide a Multi-channel communication service “drawn up” on the Client’s needs, while keeping in mind the criticalities found in analogous projects.

For the entire duration of the project, we provide the Client with:

  • a Project Manager
  • a devoted technical team
  • continuous support


Our multi-channel management process aims to deliver messages, communication and/or documentation, in Italy and abroad, through many multimedia channels (post, fax, e-mail, Certified electronic mail, Company Intranet, Company Social Network, etc.)

We make an easy-to-use, intelligible web interface available to them.

For projects that require automation with company IT systems, we make customized solutions available.


We have created solutions for:
sending of administrative documents (invoices towards Italy and abroad, packing lists, orders of materials), sending of sales documents (promotional e-mails and faxes, questionnaires), company intranet systems (employee files, company and personal communication, manuals)

Below we share some solutions that we consider as representative of our work over the years for the results obtained.

For Ballarini, leader in the production of non-stick cooking tools, we created a Multi-channel Communication portal which contributed to streamlining the laborious invoicing processes. 

The portal was structured with management of the registry through which the Administrative Office chooses the mode for sending the documents to each receiver. Periodically, Ballarini extracts from its management system a spool containing all the invoices to be sent and it loads it on the portal, thus initiating the processing phase. The flow of data undergoes checks, and feedback on anomalies is immediate. Once the “non-conformities” have been dealt with and checks passed, the sending process begins. 

In just a few minutes, all the documents are sent according to pre-selected modes (i.e. e-mail, certified electronic mail, fax, post) and the tracking area notifies the positive outcome of the transmission.

With this service Ballarini has eliminated the need to manage shipping manually, reducing delivery times and at the same time, making use of a wealth of historic company reports.


For Viprof, a private distributor of homeopathic products and nutritional supplements, we activated the Multi-channel Communication service linked directly to its management system. This peculiarity allowed for the automation of the entire working cycle which included:

  • planned deposit of print spooler
  • validation
  • generation and sending of documents through various channels
  • creation of shipping reports

At the end of the cycle, the same spooler was reworked for the generation of PDF files of the documents. The files produced were transmitted automatically to the Viprof management platform which made them available to clients in a reserved area of the web portal.

This service made it possible to reach two important objectives: on the one hand, a substantial streamlining in the shipping process, and on the other, a drastic reduction in delivery times.


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