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Electronic Storage

Conservazione Sostitutiva

Electronic storage is intended as the procedure that validates an electronic document as a legal document in conformity with Italian law.

The electronic document may derive from a paper or digital  document. 




In both cases, electronic storage constitutes the locking ring of the documental archiving process and permits:

  • the streamlining of administrative processes
  • the reduction of management errors
  • the lowering of storage costs


First of all, for our experience: since 2004 we have been working on Electronic storage and its secondary phases.


For the entire duration of the project, we provide the Client with:

  • a Project Manager
  • a technical team devoted to development
  • technical support
  • legal support provided by specialized consultants


We provide a full outsourcing service. The Client will no longer have to worry about digital signatures, digital time-stamping, excess data, process certifications and any documentation requests by inspecting authorities.

The Client delegates to our Company all the functions and obligations corresponding to the legal figure of the Storage Manager.

Full responsibility for and management of the service is charged to us.


We even provide legal consulting on the bureaucratic procedure to follow so that the Electronic Storage is in conformity with the law.


We have created solutions for the management of:

Sales/purchasing invoices Italy/Abroad, credit/debit notes, delivery notes on sales Italy/Abroad, loading plans

Below we share some business solutions that we consider as representative of our work over the years for the results obtained.


For F.A.R., a company with a long history of frame and furnishings production in the Veneto region, we implemented as part of a document management project an Electronic Storage service for administrative documents.

Process phases:

  • forwarding of invoicing flows by the Client
  • legibility checks and detection of any tainted files
  • information coherency checks
  • validation tests
  • creation of the definitive archive
  • affixing of digital signatures
  • affixing of digital time-stamping
  • transfer to the Storage structure

This fully outsourced service allowed F.A.R. to obtain complete control of its operational archives, making them in conformity with the law and fully delegating the Storage Manager role with all the foreseen obligations. 

Contextually, costs typical of Electronic Storage such as infrastructural and legal consulting costs, were lowered.


For Gruppo Inox, leading company in the metallurgy sector, an Electronic Storage service was activated for invoicing of accounts receivable and management of delivery notes.

The process foresaw the same structure adopted for F.A.R., but distinguished itself in its implementation of a specific solution. In a short time, all the administrative departments could consult the enormous quantity of documents produced by the branches distributed throughout Italy.

The generation of the digital copy of the delivery note integrated in the company system of document management, allowed the central Administration to rapidly deal with all the checks whenever necessary.

Thanks to the synergy with the IT Department of Gruppo Inox, it was possible to put shared references on the printed documents, which in turn sped up the indexing and cataloguing operation.

Once the process was completed, we received orders to shred all the paper materials.

In this case as well, the full outsourcing mode allowed Gruppo Inox to enjoy complete control of its management archives, increasing administrative efficiency without weighing down the internal structure with an office for it.


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